Happy Yuletide Season / Updates to Authors page

Happy Yuletide Season!

We have updated the Authors page significantly, adding images of the various books by authors and links to where they can be purchased.

Winter Festivals in Korovia

Druids travel about the land following the Winter Solstice giving out gifts usually made from Holly and Mistletoe. Common folk refer to this period as the "Holly Days".

Common gifts include Holly Water / Tea (useful as a digestive and also combats rheumatism, fever, high blood pressure), wooden toys for children (wooden swords, shields, bows, arrows, etc), herbal teas, Holly symbols, superstitious protective charms, and a variety of other gifts.

Peasants and nobles alike also exchange gifts, but it is the wandering druids who really draw the attention of children as the druids give out sweets such as candied apples, hot taffy, candied nuts, caramel corn, maple syrup candy and more.

Adults frequently celebrate the Winter Solstice and Holly Days with a variety of games, sporting competitions (darts is really popular as it can be played indoors), and a significant amount of drinking of vodka, mulled wine and spiced ales.

New Map of North West Korovia

Added a new detailed map of Korovia's North West, near the border with Loqland.

Also added a new "Master Map", a detailed map of all of Korovia.

Next on our To Do List is a map detailing geographical features: the mountains, gorges, cliffs and rivers of Korovia. The map will add extra details with respect to locations like:

Mount Great Horn
Mount Relicairn
Ilva Pass Canyon
Dragonsear Cliff
Dangarn Gorge and Dangarn Ford

Updated Lavordia Entry + New Lavordia Map

The entry in the different kingdoms of the World has been updated for the Kingdom of Lavordia.

Plus added a new Map of Lavordia in the Maps section.

Plus a new map of Korovia's south-west.

Map of Korovia

Map of Korovia

Under the Red Moon Xarsius

Under the Red Moon Xarsius