Frederic usually writes science fiction stories and is a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, William Gibson and Tolkien. For fun he enjoys LARPing, going to Sci-Fi conventions and Furries. Below is a plot teaser for King's book "The Demon's Pawn". Also available on Amazon Kindle.
Young Katya Yerovik has been raised in an elven monastery near the elf city of Sylvania almost as long as she can remember... and her memories before then haunt her as nightmares about her father and herself being chased by a red-eyed horse with fiery hooves. When she reaches adulthood she sets out traveling west towards the Holy City of Kost to try and find her father. Armed with a bow, a sword and some rusty splintmail she faces the dangers of the road.

But unknown to Katya she has been a pawn in a game of chess from since before she was born, and the player is none other than the demon prince Varaziak who has set his sights on the Holy City of Kost.


Martins is a writer, artist and entertainer, who's works include the thriller novel The Secret Quest, the comic books Project Blue-Bullet, and Steel-Fox. When not writing Martins is a researcher of all things paranormal and weird. He loves fantasy, science fiction, comics, horror novels and video games. Martins also spent much of his life as a stand up comedian performing at the Laugh resort and Yuk Yuk's. he's is a graduate of the Second City improv school and is a part time actor. Martin's book "Through Fire and Death" is available only on Amazon Kindle.

Plot Teaser for Martin's book:
The Queen of Korovia is paid an unexpected visit, by a stranger in a gray wolf eared hood and cape. He claims to be a reformed wolf cult member and former assassin, with inside information of an impending attack upon all of Korovia. However his warning comes too late, as the attack from a terror never witnessed before, has already begun.

The Minotaur city of Tuirn is the first to encounter the wrath of this nightmarish force, which is not interested in conquest, only destruction.

Nearly all the forces of Korovia, including the Dragons, band together to battle this seemingly indestructible dark army, led by a wolf-demon lord of megalithic proportions. Meanwhile the stranger in gray and the Lady Korozo travel to the far north, in order to convince a powerful and reclusive wizard into making them an enchanted weapon, that without, all of Korovia will be lost.


The creator of the Korovia kingdom spends his days doing a variety of activities: Blogging, writing, painting, website design, fixing bicycles, teaching archery / boxing / swimming and playing Dungeons & Dragons. Moffat is also the author of The Crimson Companions Trilogy, a series of novels he wrote during the mid 1990s. Moffat is also the author of two books of poetry: "Dreaming of Zen Archery", and "a dream of unfettered roses".

With respect to the World of Korovia, Moffat created Korovia in 1999 and has been writing short stories and novels set in the world ever since, as well as poetry, myths, and information about the world. Moffat also runs a D&D game in downtown Toronto which is set in Korovia, a game he first started in 1999 and has continued ever since.

Below is a selection of Moffat's books set in the world of Korovia.

Map of Korovia

Map of Korovia

Under the Red Moon Xarsius

Under the Red Moon Xarsius