Important People of Korovia

Adriaza is a half-elf bard known for her thieving skills and widely recognized as the most wanted criminal in Korovia. (Her wanted posters are a frequent sight.) She has brown hair, green eyes and is fond of robbing men after knocking them unconscious in a secluded location.

Derek the Deadly is the deposed warlord who once ruled Oraknev with an ironfist. He is now permanently blind, but nevertheless makes his living as an assassin. There are wanted posters for him but he tends to kill any would-be bounty hunters so most people just stay out of his way. He is exceptionally skilled with weapons and martial arts. When he was a warlord he kept his black hair cut short but since then its grown long and lanky. He wears a black ribbon over his eyes.

Dmitri is a human orphan boy with aspirations of becoming a druid. He is usually spotted traveling the road between Oraknev and Weyvin and will often speak to travelers, warning them about troll sightings and ogre attacks. He is skilled with a dagger and has some minor thieving skills.

General Omar is a powerful orc military commander who leads one of the orc armies. King Grott has many generals in his armies, but the best known is Omar the Dwarf-Slayer. Legendary amongst orcs and infamous amongst dwarves Omar is a brilliant tactician and an incredible fighter and woodsman. He commands the largest of the orc armies and has led many successful raids in dwarven controlled lands in the west of Korovia. It is believed that he may one day lead an invasion. General Omar sometimes rides a Loqland dragon into battle and is known to hate elves. He is surprisingly honourable in combat, always keeps his word, has allowed the dwarves to collect their injured under ceasefires and the dwarves both fear and respect him. Other orcs consider his sense of honour a weakness, but few would dare say it to his face.

Katya Yerovik is a young half Alu-Fiend Warden of the North. Her mother, an Alu-Fiend (half succubus) abandoned her as a child and she was raised by elven monks in Sylvania near the Troll Lands. As a quarter-succubus she has inherited unusual strength and beauty, but has no other talents. Katya’s longbow is called “The Wind’s Vengeance”. Her sword is called “Roseblade”. She now travels the road in between the Holy City of Kost and Sylvania, protecting travelers from trolls.

King Grott is the violent and ruthless leader of the orc metropolis of Molloch, which is on the Korovian/Loqland border near Roknar. At 9 feet tall its rumoured Grott has some ogre blood in him and like some Loqland orcs he has demon-like horns jutting from his forehead. He is often accompanied by 6 nightmare horses.

Lady Korozo is a famous paladin who once slew a balor flying above the Holy City of Kost 12 years ago. Korozo has since become the new leader of the Temple of Divine Light (Lord Wilhelm is now the Lord of Kost). Her sword, now known as Balorslayer, provides blue light when commanded. Lady Korozo is sometimes jokingly called “The Great Virgin” because when riding beyond the city her mount is a black Unicorn called Ravenfeather. Whether or not she is actually a virgin is another question. She possesses some small magical talent.

Lady Kystynna Kirianna Eldoer is a wild elf with an unusual talent: She possesses the psychic talent to disintegrate targets with her mind. The effect makes her tired however and she can only do it once or twice before becoming exhausted and needing to rest.

Lilith Bloodstone - See the Lilith Bloodstone Series by Charles Moffat.

Logarr is the minotaur captain of the ship "The Merry Lady" and is a prime example of an Ironskin. He follows a complex honour code, refuses to eat meat or use weapons and instead manhandles his opponents like they were ragdolls. Visually he is a huge black minotaur with a (rather famous) silver nose-ring. In his youth Logarr trained as a monk and is skilled in martial arts, preferring to disarm, trip and break the legs/arms of his opponents. His ship only sails the Korovian Sea and he is known to attack pirates and smugglers. He has no interest in wealth, he and his crew are more like mercenaries who fight for a cause instead of merchants.

Lord Wilhelm is 52 years old and in his youth he was famously known as “Wilhelm the White Knight”, but now is the Lord of Kost. Twelve years ago he was the leader of the Temple of Divine Light, and helped out a band of now-famous heroes from time to time. Wilhelm is a tough but good-natured paladin who is wise in his years. His white beard is also quite famous and he is popular with the children of Kost (who still call him the White Knight). Wilhelm once traveled with Derek the Deadly and several other now-famous adventurers in his youth. had been an adventuring party once upon a time. He has tried to keep track of Derek’s movements, but is in no position to duel with him because his age has started to catch up with him and he is no longer as spry as he once was.

Lucentius is so old there are fairy tales told about him. In the stories he is the evil wizard, the villain, but oddly enough he is never defeated except in one story about a Korovian Knight who managed to trick Lucentius into going inside a gem and then the knight trapped me in there. However this is only partially true. What really happened was Lucentius split his soul and one half of his soul (all his goodness and kindness) became trapped in the gem while his evil half roamed free. Centuries later Lilith Bloodstone found his gem and eventually found a way to free him, put his soul inside a mosquito and transform his body into a human using the spell Polymorph. This kindly half of Lucentius is a very useful source of information (when he’s hasn't gone fishing that is). Lucentius’ home is a rundown centuries old tower just north of Kost and overlooks the Korovian Sea. The place is always unlocked but many people refuse to go even near the tower, out of fear. The place does look rather spooky, despite the wooden sign on the door, which says “Gone Fishing.” on one side and “The Wizard Is In.” on the other. No one dares steal anything from Lucentius because he has been known to polymorph people into fish (or worse), and then claiming he was in the mood for fish-N-chips, but he transforms them back to their original state once they've learned some respect. Legends of his evil half's infamy keep the locals in line and stories are still told to young children in order to scare them away from practicing the dark arts. Parents saying things like “You be good or Old Lucentius might eat you!” tend to scare children quite a bit. In person the good half of Lucentius doesn't look old thanks to the polymorph spell. He looks to be about 27 and quite handsome. He likes wearing expensive clothes as well and carries a posh walking cane.

Maximilian the Blizzard was one of the heroes who twelve years ago saved Korovia from a demon invasion and helped to unite the Kingdom under Queen Kasiya. Maximilian has since retired to a lighthouse near Weyvin known as the Spiraled Lighthouse. At night he is the keeper of the lighthouse, during the day he is an active member of the Weyvin community and makes high quality wine from the grapes in the orchards near the lighthouse. He has an active interest in archeology and frequently hires adventurers to run errands for him since he can't leave his responsibilities at the lighthouse.

Prince Consort Aleksandre is the unlikely mate to Queen Kasiya. He is a lone-wolf half-elf fighter, a typical Warden of the North, who travels the wilderness by himself without companions. He rarely even visits Oraknev and has no interest in politics. His primary source of fulfillment is the killing of trolls, giants and hunting down monsters which terrorize the land. When he was younger Aleksandre was attracted to the life and adventure of a Warden. While he loves Kasiya and adventured with her and a group of companions many years earlier, both of them know that his true place is not in a palace. The place where he does the best service is out killing the monsters that threaten Korovia. He wields a very sharp magical shortsword (vorpal) known as Giantbane. Aleksandre has earned the nickname “the Giant Assassin”. Aleksandre had once adventured with Derek the Deadly and it is said there was once a love triangle between himself, Kasiya and Derek.

Queen Kasiya is a human diviner (and Lilith Bloodstone's one time roommate) and is now leader of all of Korovia. She was the mastermind who overthrew the warlord Derek the Deadly, united the races and helped a group of adventurers to end the curse which had plagued Korovia for centuries. She has a little bit of elven blood dating back centuries when the Royal Family intermarried with elvish princes, but otherwise appears to be human.

Raelean is a small elven boy who appears to be only about 10 in human years but is 74. He was orphaned at the age of 60 when his family was wiped out by a troll invasion into Sylvania and he was saved by Phoebus Bloodstone. Phoebus took a mortal wound and Raelean vowed to return the favour by protecting Phoebus' only daughter Lilith. To this end Raelean studied magic at a human school in the Holy City of Kost, which has a much faster rate of learning. Thus despite his apparent youth, he completed his studies long before elven students do. He has studied briefly at elvish schools, but has found the curriculum to be too restrictive. In some cases he already knows more about the Arte than some of his teachers know. He has accompanied Lilith on many adventures and become a highly skilled wizard. Elvish wizards disapprove of his impatience, but often envy his skill and power.

Sage Madriux is a 648 year old Grey elf who in his distant youth had once been a bard but has since become a respected sage. He is a special advisor to the High Council of Sylvania and to Queen Kasiya. He borders on omniscient and people often accuse him of reading their thoughts. His skill with magic is impressive and he has traveled to both the inner and outer planes. His knowledge of the planes, gods and history is extremely extensive. In his old age Madriux has become physically weak and rather fragile. When he chooses to he can polymorph himself into something tougher. He lives in Sylvania with hundreds of followers who spend all their time creating bohemian music and writing tales garnered from his stories of long forgotten history.

The Minotaur Seer is an ancient seer who dates back millenia. Some say she was born before the First Demon War, but it is completely unknown. She lives in an enchanted forest south of Kost where dwell unicorns, pegasi, fairies and many other critters. People come to the Minotaur begging advice, and if they are good she provides the advice. If they are evil she provides very cryptic advice. People which do evil in the forest are tossed out through the trickery and magic of the fairies who guard the place. When seen the Minotaur Seer is often dressed in a white robe and seated on a rock in the middle of a pond / grotto.

Zyguinas the Troll-King, like all trolls, has no age limit, but thanks to his powerful knowledge of arcane, clerical and druidic magic he is now immune to fire. He is believed to be 4,500 years old and through the power of his magic and regeneration has cheated death many times. Zyguinas worships Triquirius the fire god and is not without honour. When people trespass into the Troll-Fortress that is his lair he either slays them outright or assigns them a task to test their worthiness. Regular trolls fear the Troll King because he can produce fire at will and there is nothing regular trolls fear more than fire. Very few adventurers survive an encounter with the Troll-King. In centuries past there were many expeditions by paladins to bring back his head, but none returned. Perhaps Zyguinas ate them. Or maybe he experimented on them. Or experimented on them and then ate them. As an evil villain Zyguinas is rather jovial about it. He has an evil sense of justice and sees mortal humans as mere pawns for him to play with.

Map of Korovia

Map of Korovia

Under the Red Moon Xarsius

Under the Red Moon Xarsius