Races of Korovia


Humans make up the core of Korovia’s population and vary wildly in their ability to make war and peace, stupidity and cunning, cowardice and bravery, warfare, thievery and magic. The cities of Azek, Koastmark, Kost, Oraknev and Weyvin are mostly humans. See the descriptions of specific cities for more details.


The city and outlying region of Sylvania contains a mixed population of High Elves, Gray, Snow, Wood, Wild, Drow and even Sea Elves. Elves are often skilled with bows, swords and thanks to their long life spans often dabble in magic and become quite good at it. The city of Yeksereannia (Yek) is populated mostly by gray elves. The gray elves in Yek operate a griffon roost there. Wood elves, wild elves and snow elves are often nomadic. Sea elves prefer tridents and avoid contact with land-dwellers.

A small percentage of gray elves also live in the city of Weyvin, a city that is more multicultural thanks to its open acceptance of all races.

Half-Elves (with mixed human blood) are more common in the city of Weyvin, but are otherwise rare in other cities. Weyvin is a haven for half-elves who have left Sylvania seeking friends more like themselves than the sometimes haughty elves.


These short and stocky folk usually live in the mountains or hills where they can mine for precious ores. Dwarves love gold and are often greedy, gruff and exceptionally brave and tough. Dwarves abhor arcane magic and want nothing to do with it. They are much more accepting of divine magic and miracles, but are otherwise very superstitious and untrusting of wizards and their ilk. A dwarf would sooner spit on a wizard than shake their hand (and even if they did shake their hand, they would try to clean their hand after for fear of some kind of curse). The good news is the dwarves are also more resistant to magic (and poison) because of their non-magical nature. (Dwarves cannot be wizards or any other kind of arcane magic user.)

However this is not true of dwarven weaponsmithing techniques which the master smiths can use to make magical weapons and armour (using divine magic and prayers to Olegma the Hard).

Dwarves in Korovia live mostly in Roknar and Silekva. The mountain dwarves in Roknar maintain a constant vigilance against the orcs of Loqland and have a series of walls and tunnels which they fiercely guard against an orc invasion. There are almost no orcs in Korovia thanks to the vigilance of the dwarves.

The hill dwarves in Silekva are less worried but nevertheless have a deep hatred of orcs (and giants). Silekva dwarves have mastered the art of creating stone golems to protect their city.


Some of the smallest people in Korovia are the gnomes, which could be more adequately described as 'Tinker Gnomes' because of their love of inventing things. Most gnomes live in the far north of Korovia, existing peacefully and building their strange hydraulic and steam powered contraptions which are highly likely to either not work or blow up with disastrous effects.

Gnomes also make excellent wizards, but they excel more at illusions. Gnomes are resistant to poison and can also spot minor illusions.


Commonly called Halflings, but also knowns as Habbels or simply Habs amongst their own kind. Halflings are relatively common in southern Korovia and typically don’t travel very far north. They prefer the creature comforts of their southern towns. Averaging 3 feet tall and varying degrees of skinny and chubby they don't make very good warriors and deal with intruders by building elaborate traps and hiding places. (Halflings are also adept at disabling traps and make excellent thieves.)

Halflings have no arcane magical talent and like dwarves are resistant to magic and poison. Halflings however are more curious about magic.

Halflings are notorious gamblers, skilled farmers and prefer to use confusion, ambushes and the terrain to their advantage when engaging in warfare.


Half-Orcs are extremely rare for two reasons: There are almost no orcs in Korovia, as most are killed by the dwarves at the border between Korovia and Loqland. The second reason is because most half-orcs tend to get into trouble and get themselves killed before they reach maturity. Half-Orcs have a vile temper and it tends to get them into trouble. If they physically look like an orc then its a guarantee they won't live very long. The only half-orcs in Korovia that make it to maturity can pass as humans undetected.

Half-orc magic users are exceptionally rare.


Korovian Minotaurs have the heads, hoofs and tails of cattle, but the bodies of men. They are significantly taller (averaging 7 to 8 feet tall), larger and stronger than humans with an excellent sense of smell and are equal in intelligence to humans. Most minotaurs have rust-coloured fur, but black, cream and white minotaurs also exist.

Most minotaurs in Korovia, especially Ironskins, prefer to use their naturally tough hide instead of wearing armour. Likewise most minotaurs are law abiding citizens. Minotaur warriors often follow the paths of ascetics, monks, paladins or become Ironskins. Some minotaurs are also known to follow darker paths, but it is very rare since most minotaurs are peace-loving vegetarians.

Minotaurs have zero arcane magical talent.

Map of Korovia

Map of Korovia

Under the Red Moon Xarsius

Under the Red Moon Xarsius