The History of Technological Inventions in Korovia
+ Rare Bits of Knowledge

Agriculture - First used by the minotaurs in Tuirn and later made popular by the halflings.

Acid - Most commonly used by stone masons, craftsmen and alchemists.

Architecture - The minotaurs were also the first to use mortar in their architecture (in the construction of the labyrinth of Tuirn).

Compass, Magnetic - Rare, but sometimes used by navigators and merchants.

Condom - Made from goat guts, but a device used by sailors and prostitutes to prevent the spread of venereal diseases.

Crossbows - The gnomes and dwarves are fans of making bizarre crossbows, including handcrossbows and ballistae. Whalers use ballistae harpoons. (Whaling is illegal in Sylvania, but a common practice in Koastmark.)

Domesticated Animals - The ancient Flintrako Tribe was the first to domesticate horses during the First Demon War. The elves also have a few domesticated griffons, giant owls and giant eagles they use for riding. Domesticated mammoths are not unheard of but extremely rare.

Drowning Resuscitation - A rare bit of knowledge even amongst sailors, but one that is surrounded with superstition and even considered witchcraft by a few.

Dynamite - Does not exist yet.

Firearms - Does not exist yet.

Fireworks, Gnomish - Sometimes used as a weapon.

Glue, Gnomish - A sometimes unreliable substance. Can bond like superglue or dissolve without warning.

Guillotine - The warlord Derek the Deadly reputedly used a similar device to execute enemies.

Ice Rooms - Some inns keep an ice room in the basement which they fill with ice during the winter and use for keeping foods chilled during the Spring and early Summmer (it usually melts by July).

Indoor Plumbing - Some older buildings have indoor plumbing because they were built prior to the Last Demon War. Some elven, dwarven and gnomish communities have also attempted to create sewer systems and aquaducts for the purposes of plumbing.

Locks - A huge variety of complex locks exist. Including ones with poisonous traps.

Matches - Not yet. People use flint and steel to light a spark.

Medicine - Home remedies are the most commmon. Druidic poultices and herbal teas are the height of Korovian medicine. The ability to set broken bones and place limbs in a cast is a common skill taught to clerics and monks. A few sages have experimented with surgery.

Paper - Rare and imported from the Azagolian Empire. Most people use parchment.

Printing Press - The gnomes have tried to invent it, but have thus far failed. Lithography is the best alternative at this point in history.

Spectacles and Spyglasses - Yes, although still very rare. The gnomes have even invented tinted goggles they use for protecting their eyes.

Thermometer - Yes, but uses mercury (which is poisonous).

Umbrella, Elvish - A contraption made out of thick paper with a wooden or ivory handle.

Waterclock, Gnomish - A very large contraption that uses dripping water to track time.

Weighing Scales - Commonly used by merchants and moneylenders.


Basically various basic types of technology (and knowledge) is available, but nothing that could disrupt the balance of power. Certain things will be more rare.

Map of Korovia

Map of Korovia

Under the Red Moon Xarsius

Under the Red Moon Xarsius