Writing Tips

#1. When writing for the Korovia setting its recommended you start small. Don't overburden yourself with a huge plot, multiple cities, lots of extra detailed characters. Even a James Bond movie only has about a dozen characters with actual names and 2 or 3 cities as a backdrop.

eg. You could make up a tiny village and have all your events unfold there without any need to visit larger cities and you can just mention them vaguely. Which means you can destroy the entire village with zombies and magical explosions if you want because the burnt ruins of a village will hardly be a new thing in Korovia.

#2. While it may be fun to have characters who are super powerful, its actually quite boring because often things aren't much of a challenge. A character should have 1 or 2 talents, but also a few weaknesses.

eg. Lilith Bloodstone is a skilled necromancer, but she is also too brave for her own good. She has almost no fighting skill and no armour. Combined with rash choices she has a tendency to get injured easily.

#3. When you're not sure what to do the most normal things are often the best answer. You could get into more complex things like secret tunnels behind waterfalls, rope ladders up cliffs which get cut when they're at the top. When stuck for an idea just ask the hypothetical question and then find the easiest solution. Or once you have an easy solution, then try to think of a better one.

eg. How do the bad guys get away in the first scene? They ride horses and lose any pursuers in the forest. See? Easy. The story should almost write itself.

#4. If looking for a fun idea for a plot, magical item, monsters, etc you can go looking for fantasy source material.

eg. Dungeons and Dragon books are a wealth of fantasy information and the 'magic system' of Korovia is loosely based off of D&D so its recommended you learn it a bit so you have a basic idea of what kind of spells a low, medium or high level wizard can accomplish. (However avoid using any spell names which are possibly copywritten. Fireball is okay, Evard's Black Tentacles is not.)

#5. Remember the basics. Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Descriptive elements should always include these whenever possible.

eg. In Korovia the winter is very long so try to remember what time of year it is so you describe the weather conditions.

#6. Even a single zombie or goblin can be scary if you jazz it up a bit.

ie. Instead of your heroes fighting "lizardmen" or "lizardfolk" have them fighting "geckomen" who can walk on walls or "chameleon folk" who can blend into their surroundings.

#7. Your main character doesn't have to be an orphan. Its kind of a cliché. If anything give them lots of siblings and parents who can be killed off by a tribe of stampeding ogres during the events of your story.

#8. Give your characters personality flaws.

eg. Maybe your goodie-two-shoes knight is an alcoholic. Or a recovering gambler. Or is just bloodthirsty and LOVES killing things and his bloodthirst brings out uncomfortable urges that he must struggle against. Or perhaps he has been through some seriously messed up stuff and now has all the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Map of Korovia

Map of Korovia

Under the Red Moon Xarsius

Under the Red Moon Xarsius